HAIA’s Identified Industry Opportunity

HAIA will focus on healthcare and pharmaceutical companies in the e-Clinical, Healthcare Information Technology (“HCIT”) or Outsourced Pharmaceutical Services industries with high AI readiness and technological transformation potential. The healthcare industry has consistently demonstrated low cyclicality, high barriers to entry, high margins and best-in-class cash generation. Additionally, healthcare spend is increasing as the population ages, the incidence of chronic diseases increases and patients and healthcare consumers become better informed and more demanding.

Through our unique, proprietary research-based origination approach, we have created 30 research papers covering subsectors including the healthcare and pharmaceutical landscapes as well as HCIT and software. Our targeted research approach only reflects subsectors that have a large number of targets, and are available in the near term. These papers assess, define, and segment all verticals and their respective competitive environments.

We believe the growing trend towards the adoption of AI-driven healthcare informatics solutions and healthcare operational support by hospitals and other healthcare service providers is expected to continue in the future. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for enhanced patient data management, hospital management applications, and improved diagnosis and treatment services. AI, if implemented and adopted effectively, can provide a market solution to these global issues, lowering the cost of delivery and improving quality through digitization and automation.